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Thu, 17 Oct 1996 10:30:37 -0400 (EDT)

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> Richard Brodie wrote:
> >4. The Level-3 mind sees ALL memes as mental programming, as
> >approximations of reality, as useful girders, pulleys, and cords. The
> >Level-3 minds realizes that NO meme is True, but all memes in his
> >arsenal are at his disposal for use when useful. Arguing or despairing
> >about the truth or untruth of a meme is a Level-2 exercise.
> the Level-3 mind doesn't much care whether or not there is a god.
> Then again, all the True Level-3 minds are surely living in small
> huts on the plateaus of Tibet, and are totally unconcerned with
> the whole concept of "memetics" in the first place.

How familiar are you with Scientology?
Plainly, memetics is a thin veneer over Scientology; the jargon has
been changed to make it sound oh-so-scientific, but the concepts
are nearly identical. The one real difference is that memes have
a life of their own; Hubbard never thought of that.

John Porter