Re: virus: Scientology
Fri, 25 Oct 96 11:34:54 BST


I know a couple of people who are Scientologists, and they're a little bit
scary! I don't know about the memes that you will encounter, but I advise you
to be a little careful about what you agree to to for Scientology. Part of
the religion states that once you are a Scientologist, you may not leave the
church. And also that 10% of all your earnings go towards the cause. I have
heard of people being locked in the building where Scientologist "Services"
are held (I don't know if service is the right word!), for the duration of
it. Being a memeber of the Scientologist church also involves laying out
a lot of money on pointless "worship" equipment.

By all means attend, and try to be as openminded as possible to the ideas,
but please be careful. Don't take everything at face value. I view
Scientology as a money making religion more than anything else, because
their wealth is enourmous. They own one of the largest Stately Homes in the
South of England (somewhere near East-Grinstead I think, anyone know the name?),
and use it as their main HQ.

Don't think I'm just paranoid, I know some of these people, and they're really

Richard Jones
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We are the Future."