Re: virus: Re: KMO quotes Plato

David Leeper (
Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:38:12 -0500

Richard Brodie,

> On the contrary, I was very specific about why people don't appreciate
> the three levels. It's because they're in Level 2.

Or perhaps it's because "Level 3" has been described so poorly. So far,
I've seen (paraphrasing) "Level 3 is high intelligence", "Level 3 is not
high inteligence, it's will power" and "Level 3 is not will power, it's
using resources efficently".

Or perhaps it's the tone of benevolent condescension that seems to
accompany "Level 3" postings.

Or perhaps it's because people who use terms like "Level 3" sound
like they play too much Dungeons & Dragons.

David Leeper
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