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Tadeusz Niwinski wrote:
> Hakeeb wrote about MENSA DEMOGRAPHICS (USA):
> >49% Christian
> >3% Unitarian
> >9% Jewish
> >7% agnostic
> >3.6% atheist,
> >9% no religion
> Does anybody know what the difference between "atheist" and "no religion"
> is? Is "no religion" simply an indication of missing data or "atheist" is
> considered a religion?

Excerpt from the U.S. Army's Religious Requirements and Practices
of Certain Selected Groups: A Handbook for Chaplains (pgs 231-236).
Available from:

USAF Chaplain's Service Institute
Resource Division
525 Chenault Circle
Maxwell AFB
Montgomery, AL 36112-6429

Social forces generally do not yet allow Witches
to publicly declare their religious faith without
fear of reprisals such as loss of job, child custody
challenges, ridicule, etc. Prejudice against Wiccans
is the result of public confusion between Witchcraft
and Satanism. Wiccans in the military, especially
those who may be posted in countries perceived to be
particularly intolerant, will often have their
dogtags read "No Religious Preference." Concealment
is a traditional Wiccan defense against persecution,
so non-denominational dogtags should not contravene
a member's request for religious services.

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