Re: virus: Level Three-Belief and Utility.
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 01:47:05 -0600 (CST)

On Tue, 29 Oct 1996, David Leeper wrote:

> Ken Pantheists wrote:
> > I like the idea of level three. I understand it. It turns me on. Not
> > because it makes me think that maybe I can operate on a higher or
> > better level than others, but because it helps explain something about
> > my own craft.
> >
> > Dirty Harry is like the voodoo spirit. You call on him to get things
> > done-- to intimidate others.
> >
> > This is why actors started off wearing masks in temples-- to allow
> > spirits to inhabit them.
> I've not seen Level 3 described this way as yet.
> Your description is equivelent to what Zero calls the Child. The
> Child uses intellect and emotion as tools. The Child is the
> Godhood of the individual.
> Are you a God? (You sound like one.)

More like, "Do you realize you are a god? If so, are you in the process
of deiforming?" [Actually, such questions are not that shocking from a
NT point of view--but the Gospel of John doesn't attribute any rational
statements to the Word. This is no doubt why it is the worst possible
gospel of mass-produce and hand out enmasse, as is relatively popular among
evangelicals/ultraconservative Christian culture.]

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