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Tadeusz Niwinski (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 13:30:25 -0800


When you ask a person: "please try to help me comprehend what you're
trying to say" and the person responds:

"Vicki, I spent two years writing a book on the subject. If you're not
willing to START the process by reading--not even buying, just
reading--that book, I doubt you're interested enough in what I have to say
that anything I did would make an impact on your growth."

it means that this person finds a very contagious "FEEL GUILTY" meme very
USEFUL. They will also talk about "honesty" and try to ridicule you, for

"If your question is honestly about how you can read Virus of the Mind
without paying anything or asking anyone for help, I suggest you go to the
nearest Barnes & Noble, where they will be happy to let you plop down in
one of their comfortable chairs and read the whole book cover to cover at
no charge."

For your specific questions -- "sometimes" is the best answer they can use
to make it as vague as possible. They will also "frankly" admit that
there are many crooks out there and if it weren't for them...

"The world is also full of cranks and charlatans asking the same thing of
you. That's one reason it's so difficult to make the transition. Anyone
who gets burned once is reluctant to try again."

This is WHY you feel so apprehensive now. THEY -- however -- are the REAL
and TRUE prophets. They will obviously want your money spent on their
books, seminars, consultations and private sessions, but if you mention it
as your last hope for getting answers to your questions, they will say:
"I'm not sure what 'money' you are referring to. I haven't asked you for
any money."

Please don't be discouraged.

(Just come to MY clinic and I will take care of you...)

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