RE: virus: level 3 minds

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 13:30:28 -0800

Vicki wrote:
>Richard is right. The money is not really an issue. The time
>to read the book isn't even the main issue, for me at least.

Why did you give up so easily? His techniques are better then I thought!

Vicki, I read the book several times and I am publishing it in Poland, and
I think it is an excellent book. BUT I have the same questions as yours.
I think the level-3 concept is not clear and I am amazed with Richard's
responses. Look how the "level-3" cult is being developed on this list!
It is an amazing experiment, but I do not think it is fair to experiment
on us without out consent.

>Lots of us think it's reasonable to ask Scientologists "OK, show us
>some clears so we can see that they have the abilities you
>claim." In the same way, I think it's reasonable to want to be
>given examples of Level 3 people and what they can do,
>before embarking on a program that is supposed to change
>the structure of my mind.

Exactly. Richard has mentioned some people in Seattle but did not want to
disclose their names (it will be in his next book, no... money is not the
issue here). Way to go...

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