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Q: What is NLP?

A: NLP has many different definitions. One of the most common is
that NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience. ToC

Q: Does NLP really work? Has it been scientifically validated?

A: It's difficult to prove that something doesn't work or doesn't
exist. Most of the people on this news group believe that they have seen
and/or created positive, often magical
results from the application of NLP. Discussions of whether a
particular aspect of NLP has yet been scientifically validated are
probably more appropriate for sci.psychology.

Q: Can't power like that be abused?

A: Like any technology, yes. And also like any technology, opinions
on what constitutes abuse will differ. Discussion on this Topic is
ongoing. Other resources along these lines are
alt.mindcontrol, or any of the alt.recovery news groups.ToC

Q: Isn't NLP really just hypnosis?

A: No. NLP is not *just* hypnosis. Milton Erickson was a strong
influence on NLP's founders, but NLP includes aspects of many other
disciplines as well. For more information
on hypnosis, you might want to check out alt.hypnosis.

Q: Can NLP be used on oneself? A: Yes. Many people use NLP as a
form of self development. If you are interested in self development, you
may also want to read
alt.self-improve or the excellent alt.self-improve FAQ.ToC

Q: Who is Ross Jeffries and what's that flame war about? A: Ross
Jeffries is an NLP practitioner who uses his skills to teach a Topic
that many people find confusing or
offensive. For more on this, please check out

Q: What are the presuppositions of NLP? A: Here are some of them.
1.No one is wrong or broken. People work perfectly to accomplish
what they are currently accomplishing.
2.People already have all the resources they need.
3.Behind every behavior is a positive intention.
4.Every behavior is useful in some context.
5.The meaning of a communication is the response you get.
6.If you aren't getting the response you want, do *something*
7.There is no such thing as failure. There is only feedback.
8.In any system, the element with the most flexibility exerts
the most influence.
9.The map is not the territory.
10.If someone can do something, anyone can learn it.
11.You cannot fail to communicate.

Q: What do the letters NLP stand for and who started it?

A: NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and it was started
by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. According to Richard, the term was
phrased on the fly from several
book titles on the floor of his car one night when a policeman
asked his occupation.

Q: Anyone know the outcome of Richard Bandler's arrest on cocaine
and murder charges a couple of year's ago? A: In 1988 Richard Bandler
was arrested on the
charge of First Degree Murder in Santa Cruz, CA, where he was
living at the time. The murdered woman had been shot in the head at
close range. The primary witness for the
Prosecution was a friend of Bandler's, a guy named Marino, who was
a known cocaine dealer, and who was given immunity from prosecution for
testifying against Bandler. In his
testimony against Bandler, Marino was considered an unreliable
witness, telling the lawyer for the defense that he believed that he
could control trafic lights with his mind. During
questioning Marino continually denied even saying what he had said
in the original police questioning of him. It took the jury less than
two hours acquit Richard.ToC

The Resources:

Online Resources:

Web Pages

The alt.psychology.nlp FAQ is on a Web Page at: Features: This page with active
links to all online resources.

Stever Robbins has an multi-featured NLP server with a wealth of
information at (eventually to be
Features: Glossary, Articles, Calendar of Events, more.

Advanced Neuro Dynamics--Tad James has excellent Web pages at and
Features: NLP articles, Huna, Hypnosis, more.

German language NLP Web Page at Arbeitsgemeinschaft
Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
Features: I'll ask Stever to translate as soon as his language
lessons kick in. :->

Dale Kirby is developing an NLP Web page at primarily oriented toward
self-improvement and creativity using NLP techniques.
Features: Self-Mastery and Inner Alignment of Intelligences

Gregory Engel and Jay Arthur, co-authors of "Neuro-Linguistic
Programming Personal Profile" (NLP3) have pages at and
Features: Online self-testing, books.

Larry McLauchlin, Leading Edge Communications Ltd. offers
information and services at:
Features: Online course of training in daily chunks, description of
services, more.

Information about Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction applications of
NLP are at:
Features Free newsletters, articles, calendar of events, more.:

There is some NLP information at the Creativity Web Page at

NLP Information from Compuserve can be found at

Idea-Seminars (formerly IDHEA) has a web site at

The Weaver, a webzine, has a monthly NLP column by Joseph O'Connor.
It is at


Archives (and much more) of alt.psychology.nlp articles are
available at ftp

Archives of Speed Seduction articles are available at

Lee Lady maintains an ftp site with some NLP articles primarily
collected from sci.psychology. It's at

Mailing Lists

Jeff Oliver <> runs an nlp mailing list and is
working on forwarding alt.psychology.nlp via mail.

Newsgroups and Forums Alt.psychology.nlp is the Internet Newsgroup
for NLP.

NLP is also occasionally discussed in the news groups alt.hypnosis,
alt.self-improve, misc.creativity and sci.psychology.

Related Online Resources A great source of related mind
technologies is Mind Tools at

Pointers to Creativity resources are at

Newsgroup Participants Home Pages Stephen Murray has a Home Page at

Some Other Offline Resources:


Anchor Point news letter.
Anchor Point Associates, Inc.
346 Sourth 500 East #200
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
phone: 1-800-554-6480

NLP World
G. Peter Winnington (editor and publisher)
Les 3 Chasseurs
Tel (+41) 21 88 777 21
Fax (+41) 21 88 779 76

NLP Associations:

Association quebecoise de programmation neuro linguistique
(covers province of Quebec, Canada only)
C.P. 894, Succursale C
Montreal (Quebec) Canada
H2L 4L6
phone: (514) 593-1523
Annual fee: CAN$125

North American Association of Neuro-Lingustic Programming
(covers North America)
7126 E. Shae Blvd., Ste B184
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
phone: (602) 596-5893
Annual fee: US$45
4 levels of membership: Member without Certification, Member with
Certification (Practitioner/Programmer), Master (Certified Master
Practitioner), Fellow (Certified Trainer)

(worldwide ??? - Richard Bandler's association)
Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
NLP Books:

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Stever Robbins Book List

NLP Training Centers:

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