virus: Neo Tech still in business?

Sun, 03 Nov 1996 13:02:12 -0800 wrote:

> The reason subject is one on which Neo-Tech literature has an
> interesting take (based largely on Julian Jaynes' work): that
> survival pressures forced the invention of reason and that it was
> taught as a survival technique rather than developed as a genetic
> feature. This would help explain R. B.'s jump from the level-1 to the
> level-2 mind. It would also explain the mechanism of the development
> of the level-3 mind, which would be an invented survival adaptation
> to living in a multicultural society.
> Noctem

NEO TECH! Those guys are still in business? I sent them a bunch of
money when I was a teenager. The first book was hilarious. The book's
content was only printed on the even numbered pages. The odd numbered
pages consisted of testimonials from people whose lives had been
delivered from the cluches of mystics and neo-cheaters by the Neo Tech
secret teachings. This was in the mid 80's, and they claimed that
biological imortality was not only possible in theory but that the
technical know-how was already in place (were talking '86 here. They
described brain transplants into clone bodies and uploading into robot
bodies as if they were routine proceedures that had been banned by the
government or some such thing. They sent me a certificate promising me
priority access to immortality treatment. Wish I still had it. I
didn't hear much from them after they moved from Colorado to Sri Lanka.

Take care. -KMO