Re: virus: Why religious?
Thu, 7 Nov 96 09:35:14 GMT

Martin Traynor wrote:

> On 1 Nov 96 at 16:44, wrote:
> > You have taken me very slightly out of context here. I personally believe that
> > Shreddies are nicer than Corn Flakes, but this does not make me prejudiced
> > against Corn Flake eaters, does it? A "prejudice" is a "personal opinion"
> > taken to the point where anyone who disagrees with it becomes hated!
> Prejudice: a preconcieved opinion.
> So your preference for shreddies would only be a prejudice if you had
> never tasted cornflakes.

I was born a Christian, I have been Baptised, and my parents are still Christians.
I have "tasted" it, if you like, and now I've renounced it, because of
a logical thought process. It's not a preconception that I base my
beliefs on - does this mean I'm still prejudiced?

> The hatred part is probably a memetic defense. The meme realises it
> cannot withstand critical examination because it is built on sand so
> it provokes anger/hatred, emotive responses which preclude (to an
> extent) rational thought.

Something completely off the subject of Religion here: Is it likely to be
correct that a meme can "realise" something? Surely if a meme is merely a
conception, or some such, it is the hosts interpretation of the validity of the
meme that generates the response to criticism!

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