Re: virus: accurate statements vs The Absolute Truth (was KMO

Thu, 07 Nov 1996 15:49:29 -0800

The following post was not intended for the entire list, but there's no
calling it back. The list of worthy contributors in that letter was not
meant to be exhaustive. Many names which should be on it aren't. I
won't try to complete that list now as it would then constitue a
back-handed criticism of those people not included in the expanded list.

Take care, all. -KMO

KMO wrote:
> Jason McVean wrote:
> > I think I have been guilty of being somewhat of a moving target.
> > See below.
> > I think I regret saying that Absolute Truth and Objective reality
> > are the same thing. What I was meaning was precisely what you
> > said above: "Objective Reality defines what is true". I also said
> > that "Absolute Truth defines what is true". That is the sense
> > that I was intending when I said OR was the same as AT.
> It takes a certain strength of intellectual character to expend effort
> on assimilating a point of view with which you think you disagree,
> discovering that it is coherent, and then announcing to a whole
> community that the elements of a picture you formerly rejected have
> fallen into place for you. Many people on this list lack that
> intellectual honesty. I may be one of them.
> Jason, with this one post you have established yourself as an honest and
> thoughtful participant to this on-going discussion. I'm sending this to
> you personally because some would take it as a backhanded crticism, i.e.
> they'd see praise for you as implicit ridicule of thier own obstinate
> behaviour. Still, I suspect that you've elevated yourself in the eyes of
> many Virions and set an excellent example. I fear I'll be withdrawing
> from the discussion starting almost immediately. I'm about to start a
> new job which is going to eat up most of my time. I've seen a
> disturbing trend away from rational discourse on this list and toward
> sophmoric ego battles. I trust that the contributions of people like
> David McFadzean, Ken Pantheists, Reed Konsler, and Hakeeb Nandalal and
> yourself will keep the Virus discussion list from degenerating into
> flame war hell.
> Take care. -KMO