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David McFadzean (
Thu, 07 Nov 1996 16:56:44 -0700

At 09:27 AM 06/11/96 -0600, ken sartor wrote:

>Having read these posts for several months now, i have come
>to the conclusion that virus (or probably any other similar
>type group) can *never* compete against christianity.

I guess it depends what you mean by "compete". Even in its
current embryonic state it offers an alternative to main-
stream religions as well as a focus for a unique community.
If you mean Virus won't replace Christianity any time soon,
I agree. I knew from the start that I would be unable to
offer something as appealing without using deception or delusion.

>The reason for this assertion is simply that christianity offers
>the *TRUTH*. You can believe it or not, modify somewhat or
>whatever, but it is the *TRUTH*. It provides certainty to

Sure they claim to have the *TRUTH* but I have good reason
to disbelieve them, and good reason to propagate those same
good reasons.

>those who otherwise would be confused (the less intelligent or
>more trusting). It is comfortable. It is kinda like TV, you
>go to a church, some person (presumably who you admire and/or
>respect) gets up there and tells you what to think. It is not
>a debate.

Sadly there are a lot of more intelligent, less trusting people
who are infected by traditional religions just because they
haven't been exposed to the alternative. Antitheism should be
more evangelical.

>Here, we cannot agree on OR, TT, level 3, homo deus, or really
>hardly anything. Perhaps the strength of this list is that we
>have to read the posts and actually *THINK* about them! And
>then argue our point of view, etc. And maybe some topics will
>close but if a new reader comes along that's very interested -
>well, the argument can begin again...

Yes, we are in the process of inventing the Virian doctrine
(not dogma) and it would have been nice if it had come to us
prepackaged from history or from the heavens.

>Seems to me that thinking people are all going to perceive the
>world differently, have different views on how stuff should be
>done, etc, etc, ad nauseum. This admission that the world is
>a complicated place would severely limit the growth of a church
>of virus.

Perhaps but it is too early to tell. The world is changing on a
daily basis and meme-complexes that once thrived are finding
themselves in a position where they must adapt or die. (Witness
the latest decree from the Pope on evolution.) Let's see how Virus
is doing is a hundred years.

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