RE: virus: TT and meaning of life

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 23:35:46 -0800

Richard wrote:
>Pi is a human concept. It's a distinction-meme, a very useful one.
>But it doesn't exist anywhere outside human culture.

Yes it does, unless we say that nothing exists outside our human culture.
Does the speed of light exist outside of our human culture?
Does the E=mc^2 exist outside of our human culture?

If Chimps start building air-planes will they invent their own, different pi?
Will the Bernoulli's laws be the same for them?

>Likewise, statements of consistency are components (memes)
>of our current scientific thought, NOT Truthful descriptions of
>Objective Reality.

What do *you* mean by "Truthful" (with a capital T ?!).
You don't believe in truth. Richard, when you get to Level-3
you will see that "truthful" is a distinction meme!

>They are all approximations.

Approximations of WHAT?
TT maybe? You have just killed it, remember?

>>I believe -- and it all comes down to what each one of us believes --
>>that the world *is* consistent and predictable.
>You don't know my ex-wife!

No wonder she couldn't stand a person infected with L3HV.
Did you call her a chimp too?

I enjoy the joke mode, Richard.
Is this the only mode you can talk about what we believe in?

>>That we *can* know it better and better.

How can we talk about knowing the world "better" if we don't believe
in it's consistency? How do you define "Absolutely"?

>> As one person said (the quiz on who it was is still on):
>>"Whatever we hold precious, we cannot protect it from our curiosity,
>>because being who we are, one of the things we deem precious is the
>>Our love of truth is surely a central element in the meaning we find in
>>our lives."
>Wasn't it Hitler who said that? Actually, it sounds like something Dan
>Dennett said in Darwin's Dangerous Idea, and one of the few things he
>got wrong in the whole masterpiece of a book (available at The Memetics

Congratulations. You have won the contest.

He was "wrong", eh?
How do you define "wrong" after murdering TT?

>L3HV condoms are available for sale at The Memetics Drugstore,
> Just ignore the funny looks
>you get from Level-1'ers when you walk around with one pulled over your

:-) :-)

Richard, you don't pull them over your head!
I thought you knew that...

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