Re: virus: accurate statements vs The Absolute Truth

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 23:35:52 -0800

David Leeper,

>Kenneth Boyd's idea of the union of all true
>statements, which I modified to change over time
>and called TRTH!t (where !t represents a time
>index), is _exactly_ the same type of idea
>Feynman used to ditch the Uncertainty Principle.
>Is there TT at the Quantum level? To be honest,
>I'm not sure I understand what TT is. I believe
>it's the set of all statements which are in
>TRTH!t regardless of the value of !t. In other
>words, the set of statements which are always
>true regardless of time. If this is a correct
>definition, then by definition it would exist
>even at the Quantum level. Pi is pi,
>1 + 1 = 1 (in Cohesive Math, of course), and so
>Does this seem correct?

As far as I understand TRTH!t it needs the concept of "statements"
and these are not well defined (do they exist only in human culture or not?).
Statements do not seem to exist if the Earth blows up.

TT exists regardless.

Jason describes it as the laws of nature "without the mundane truths".
I think the mundane are also there, why not?

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