virus: About Dawkins

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 16:55:04 -0800

David Leeper wrote:

>* From the cover flap.
>"The only way to explain evolution is by slow,
>gradual evolution."

You suck David! When you "quote" I assume these are quotes and *not*
your funny way of interpreting the original!
Only L3HV infected people can do such things!
The original cover flap of "Climbing Mount Improbable" says:

"The only way to explain seemingly designed objects is by slow, gradual

It makes perfect sense: people are trying to explain "seemingly designed
objects" as a work of God. Dawkins shows another way (and he is not using
Level-3 nor a Child-the-Murderer to explain it).

If you said:

"The only way to explain Mr.X's cynicism is that he is infected with L3HV."

and I quoted you as:

"The only way to explain Mr.X's infection with L3HV is that he is infected
with L3HV."

I'd be *making* you an idiot (when in fact your statement was true).

Besides, it hurts (111 or 7 in Cohesive Math) to hear that your idol is
being called an idiot. I have found this "Church of Level-3 Engineering"
when searching the Net for Dawkins' work. Please be more honest when you
quote (if you are not already infected and "honesty" is not "just" another
"distinction-meme" for you).

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