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David Leeper (
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 23:05:17 +0000

Hakeeb A. Nandalal wrote:

> David Leeper wrote :-
> > .......
> > The opposite of Homo Deus is Homo Vocare:
> >
> > The counterpart of Homo Deus, this is a person who sees
> > God as something other than himself. This definition
> > includes both the Pope and Atheists. He is known as Homo
> > Vocare, Empty Man. The full name of Homo Vocare is Homo
> > Sapien Sapien Vocare. The Child exists in Homo Vocare,
> > but he does not recognize it.
> > ........
> It took some time but your "religion" of Zero is starting to make sense
> to me but I must take umbrage with the description of atheists as
> "Homo Vocare, Empty Man".
> There's a definite derogatory implication. How about :-
> "Indifferent Man" :-
> He who doesn't give a fuck for any God or Religion.
> Do me a favour and fill in the Latin for "Indifferent", I can
> barely write English as it is.

If I remember my Latin correctly, this would be "Dontgiveashiticus".
However, the test for Homo Deus is boolean, either you are or you
aren't. Thus, Zero has no Homo Dontgiveashiticus.

> If Zero is a "fair" religion then that's a fair description
> for its infidels.

"Fair Religion"? What's that? Sounds like "Meatless Hamburger".

It's _supposed_ to make the infidels feel a little
uncomfortable. It's a _religion_ for Christ's sakes.

Also, the word "Vocare" was chosen carefully. Empty is meant
to imply the Void, and the Void is the birthplace of the Child
and the source of potential. Homo Vocare is not seen as some
poor, helpless slob wandering around in the dark hoping that
Homo Deus will show him the light. Homo Vocare is a Human Being
and Humans are _the_ most powerful beings the universe has ever
known. The only difference between Homo Vocare and Homo Deus is
that Homo Deus knows he's a God, Homo Vocare does not. What can
a God do that a man cannot? Well, write postings with the title
"Dawkins is an idiot" for one.

> BTW "Homo sapiens sapiens" is written as such - there's no singular "sapien".

Opps! Thanks.

David Leeper
Homo Deus  
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