Re: virus: TT and Absolute Truth

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 14:24:19 -0800

David McFadzean wrote:
>At 07:07 AM 13/11/96 -0500, Wade T. Smith wrote:
>>What _is_ is at all times what is perceived. As such it is a function both
>>of instruments and sensory/cognitive filters.

>Obviously when I claimed we all agree that there is an objective reality
>I spoke too soon.

When I go to sleep this world ceases to exist. According to my
sensory/cognitive filters I am in a different world. Does this mean this world
does not exist? I wake up every day and see that this world is still there,
so I start believing that this world is somehow independent of my senses.

When I die -- from my point of view -- this world will cease to exist. There
will be no waking up. From my experience, though, when I see other people
dying I conclude that the world does not end when a person dies. By analogy
I start believing that this world will not cease to exist after *I* die. It
is my belief -- and there is no way to prove it, as both views are "kind of
true": my world will not exist AND the objective world will (that's why I call
it "objective").

By analogy (only by analogy) I conclude that there is some Objective Reality
exists independent of ALL of us. In other words, if the Earth blows up and all
humans, books, DNA, and even the internet are torn to tiny pieces the world (or
the universe) will still exist. Will memes still exist? Will "statements"
still exist? (David McF: I don't have your answer on this -- have I missed it
or you haven't replied?).

I believe they will, as memes, concepts, ideas are independent of human
culture. Second thought: maybe we should distinguish human-dependent and
human-independent memes. I think this is this "independent" part some of us
here blatantly call Absolute Truth. Denett and Newton call it "truth",
Einstein calls it "God", Feynman (in his 1961 lectures) describes it as "28
blocks". They all humbly appreciate it.

>>Towards the elimination of all memes....
>Surely you jest. That would mean eliminating all consciousness. (Notice in
>the previous sentence that 'mean' is shorthand for 'have the effect of'.
>Once again meaning=effect.)

Are memes conscious-dependent, or they are like angels: freely flying their
immaterial little bodies through the universe?...

In other words: if we really understand memetics, we should be able to answer
this basic question: if we disinfected the Earth from all memes (by
*thoroughly* blowing it up) will memes still exist?

Do memes *need* life in order to exist -- or *they* create life?!

My mind is burning...

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