Re: virus: About Dawkins

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 14:24:22 -0800

David Leeper wrote:
>You got me dead to rights. I mis-quoted. It was an honest mistake.
>However, this was on the list because of the "only way" and "slow,
>gradual evolution" part of the quote, so it stays on the list.

OK, apology accepted. I still won't let you go with it, David. What's
wrong with "only way"? This is *his* book and the reader is aware of it.
He presents *his* view and *not* everybody else's. He is not saying "there
is another way of explaining seemingly designed objects in nature by the
existence of God the Designer" -- we know lots of people who "explain" them
this way. He is also not saying that if you assign a Simple Number to each
living creature you can explain the "seemingly designed objects" with
Cohesive Math (as some people "explain" the Christian Mass :-))! He
presents "the only way" from his point of view, based on his experience and

The second part: "slow, gradual evolution". Would "fast" or "not gradual"
be better?

>I didn't call Dawkins an "idiot" just to be a smart-ass.

Here is a challenge for you, David: rephrase this sentence from the cover
flap of "Climbing Mount Improbable" the way you think a *non-idiot* author
would write it.

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