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Tadeusz Niwinski (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 23:09:30 -0800

David Leeper,

>Even the extream case of elitism you give, which is an exception
>rather than a rule, does not satisfy Dawkins' description of
>Evolution. You _can't_ go down the hill. Ever. (Actually, he
>does give a few rare exceptions, but you're cloning example does
>not fit them.)

Again, I am suspicious: WHERE in "CMI" does Dawkins say that Evolution
*can't* go down the hill?

I remember him discussing the "down hill" issue in Seattle. As I
understand him, the *only* way to go to a higher hill is "down, then up".
He mentioned about prosperous times as good for the down hill trip.
Abundance of food allows more less-fit individuals to go quite a way down,
and then climb up.

>; >If a less-fit offspring is fit enough to reproduce, that's good
>; >enough.

WHERE does Dawkins say it's not? A quote is always a good thing
(if it *is* a quote :-)).

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