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Tadeusz Niwinski (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 15:17:03 -0800

David Leeper wrote:
>> David, can you give the page number(s) where
>> Dawkins describes evolution as occurring instantaneously?
>> If you can mis-quote when *quoting* I am sure there is
>> some major mis-interpretation here.

>Page 190. And page on page 188 we have "they evolve rapidly
>and at the drop of a hat."

Thank you. It says: "A central message of this chapter is that eyes evolve
easily and fast, at the drop of a hat".

Most people do not believe that evolution is possible. An eye is one of
their major arguments: they claim it is impossible for an eye to develop
without an intelligent design. Dawkins shows that it is not only possible,
but occurs "easily and fast" -- in relative, evolutionary terms, of course.

>Actually, I object _more_ to Dawkins calling evolution slow.
>This is an out-dated concept.

An opinion if something is slow or fast is definitely relative (and
according to David DeZero even "all truth is relative").

I can say our nerves are slow, as this is a chemical process and I still
react *fast* if I burn myself. It is "slow" AND "fast" -- depends on what you
want to convey. There is no controversy.

And it's not a reason to call a person an idiot, Mr. Smart-Ass!

>> So "the only way" is now OK, eh?

>"The only way" has now gotten past OK. ;->

Waaaaaay past OK. :-)

>If you want adjectives, try this:

>"We now know Evolution races along at a pace that is
>several orders of magnatude faster than Darwin thought

>You want guts, try this:

>"As we begin to understand and master the techniques of
>this modern view of Evolution, we begin to realize that
>we shall soon possess a body of knowledge more powerful
>and more dangerous than both Einstein's Relativity and
>Quantum Mechanics combined."

That's a different book, David! Obviously he left those statements for
*your* book about Evolution. When you write it there will be lots of
smart-asses who will tell you what they think you should have written.
Don't pay any attention to them.

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