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Hakeeb A. Nandalal (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 23:46:08 +0000

Tadeusz Niwinski wrote :-

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> When I die -- from my point of view -- this world will cease to exist. There
> will be no waking up. From my experience, though, when I see other people
> dying I conclude that the world does not end when a person dies. By analogy
> I start believing that this world will not cease to exist after *I* die. It
> is my belief -- and there is no way to prove it, as both views are "kind of
> true": my world will not exist AND the objective world will (that's why I call
> it "objective").
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I'm no physicist but...

There's no way to distinguish between two electrons yet we *know* when we have two.
I propose that if two states cannot be differentiated then they are the same.

In order to differentiate between *my* world and *the* world, we need an independent consciousness, perhaps
Homo Deus.

Doesn't it seem odd that *everything* including quantum mechanics and object reality comes back to our
consciousness? If we don't exist then the Universe doesn't exist. Whether we split hairs over definitions, the
bottom line is : if we can't differentiate between the two states then they are the same thing.


The following is an excerpt from "The Anthropic Principle" by Philip Dorrell

This principle is sometimes known as the Weak Anthropic Principle in
constrast to Strong and Final Anthropic Principles. Whereas the Weak
principle says that observation can only be made if intelligent life exists
to do the observing, the Strong Principle says that intelligent life must
exist and the Final Principle says that it must continue to exist forever.


One bizarre use of the Final Principle is to declare my own immortality. If I define my death as the end of my
consciousness then I cannot die because I must be conscious to acknowledge my consciousness ending : a
paradox. Therefore I cannot die. At least I cannot perceive my own death. I can envision and rationally expect
my death but I can never acknowledge it.

As for :-

> Do memes *need* life in order to exist -- or *they* create life?!

I once asked a math professor if math exists independent of people and he said "No". At the time I thought he
was wrong but now I believe he was right. Quick computer nerd analogy : does software exist independent of
hardware? Yes. What's the use of software independent of hardware? War, what is it good for? Absolutely ....

> My mind is burning...

Join the Homo Vocare Club, you won't have that problem any more, in the meantime, put some ice on your head.

Hakeeb A. Nandalal
"Homo Vocare"