Re: virus: virus church

David Leeper (
Tue, 28 Aug 1956 04:55:06 +0000


> Here is a question that i would like addressed by anyone.
> Myself being a non-believer in the system of christian philosophy, is in love
> with a hardcore fundamental christian girl. The problem: the girl's always
> attending some christian function. I have participated in these rituals and
> even studyed the bible. I often attempt to point out the illogic principals
> that the new testament is based on. But this girl is hardcore into the
> bible, in fact often times she memorizes passages believing that this will
> bring her into a better light with a god.
> I have been reading the mail from the virus church and trying to reconcile
> why it is she is such a believer?

I have no advice (sorry), but would be intrested, if you get your girlfriend
"off God", to learn how you did it.

David Leeper
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