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Richard Brodie (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 08:58:20 -0800

Alexander wrote:

>o I am a Level-3 person
>o I am of the Homo Deus stock as well
>How do I come to these conclusions? Because I /say/ I am.

Well, speaking a meme into existence is a good first step!

> Since these
>things don't have any really testable existance beyond my exhibition of
>my self-defined traits in their labelling, there's no way someone can
>accuse me of /not/ being one.

Nonsense. I accuse you right now: you're not either!

> If I am God, then any apparent
>contradiction in my behaviour or actions is perfectly in accordance
>my True Will and, as such, my Godly perrogative. If the Level-3
>is, at heart, the things we've heard bandied about on the list for the
>past while, then I am, above all, choosing and taking the memetic
>definition-class `hypocriticality' to the next stage (nascent Level-4?)
>by telling you I'm Level-3 because I say I am.

Look! The definition of Level 3 is not complicated; it's just that it
doesn't make sense to a Level-2'er. There's a mind mechanism that has
not yet been developed in the Level-2 mind. It has to do with flexible
modeling, position shifting, and consciousness of purpose. The Level-2
mind thinks about this for about 3 seconds, then goes into
distinguish-and-discard mode, mapping it onto some poor excuse for a
Level-2 analogy and producing all the contradictory "definitions" of
Level 3 that have been "bandied about on the list." Cut it out!
>Nota bene, I'm also a chimp and an imbecile.

Welcome to the monkey house!

Thanks for contributing.

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