RE: virus: Virus: Sociological Change

Richard Brodie (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 09:01:23 -0800

Rikard wrote:

>> Is Leveling itself a form of racism?
>Quite possibly.

Certainly not racism. Learning levels are climbable and

But any distinction we place on human beings triggers the us-vs.-them
instinct so eloquently described in Bloom's The Lucifer Principle
(available at The Memetics Bookstore, All such distinctions are
false at least in part, but may be useful. For instance, the auto
insurance industry divides people by sex for rating purposes, and could
conceivable divide them effectively by race (or Level!) if it were
politically feasible. Yes this discrimination is unfair to many members
of the distinguished classes: the young male who is extra-cautious, for

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