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Richard Brodie (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 09:14:30 -0800

Rikard wrote:

>There must be some way of causing society to evolve rapidly enough so
>that people's
>selfish drive for what they want is attainable in their lifetime. I
>feel that
>if such a cycle were started, it would be self-perpetuating. If people
>realised that
>they could attain their goals rapidly, then they would doi so, if they
>do so, then goals
>would be achieved even faster - and this would continue in one big
>circle - make sense?

I was one of the rare people who achieved all his goals at an early age.
By 27, I was a millionaire, engaged to be married, had achieved
professional respect, had created a world-famous product, had been
mingling with the elite, and even had been on national television. The
problem was, I was miserable.

It was only then that I was willing to abandon the cherished beliefs
that seemed so obviously and irrationally true, the beliefs about goals
and Truth and propriety that I'd been programmed with my whole life. My
book Getting Past OK ( is
about what I learned about happiness and fulfillment after my world came
crashing down.

The jewel in your post is the idea of hooking up people's selfish drives
to achieving their---I wouldn't say "goals," but perhaps "mission" or
"purpose." It not only CAN be done, but it IS being done. The problem is
that many of the Level-2 people who are ready to do it are so locked
into their comfortable belief structures that they need to be shocked or
tricked into a shift. For me this is a central question for Church of
Virus. How do we evangelize ethically?

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