RE: virus: May the best meme win?

Richard Brodie (
Tue, 3 Dec 1996 07:17:50 -0800

Erik wrote:

>Maybe somebody needs to go to a hockey game and
>proclaim their mind is a level above the beer swilling
>hairy-backs around them to see how well it goes over
>with the "general public."

What would be your purpose in doing something like that? Or do you
honestly think all humans have the same abilities and that levels,
degrees, ranks, and so on are silly?
>Classification is one thing, but using a number based "level"
>system tries to show a goal oriented evolution.
>Anyone care to postulate a goal?

Shaping the evolution of man's future toward a place of safety,
abundance, and opportunity. How's that?

>Maybe a flat intellectual landscape based on a long tradition
>of linear thought and "clear, logical thinking?"

That's Level 2. A major Level-2 trap is concluding that, since I don't
get it, there's nothing to get.
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