RE: virus: reverberant doubt

Richard Brodie (
Tue, 3 Dec 1996 07:11:51 -0800

Duane wrote:

>Now this is a situation which at first glance the solution seems
>But there is room for doubt regarding the rationality of your fellow
>classmates. It is suggested that "A bunch of amiable slowpokes" would
>arrive at a better outcome than "razor-sharp logicians who all think
>perversely recursively reverberantly".

These kinds of questions make for interesting puzzles, but have little
real-world application. Nobody is a razor-sharp logician in that sense.
It doesn't even mean anything to act out of pure logic. Logic takes
inputs and produces outputs. You still have to understand people's
motivations. And you'll likely have some contrarians in the bunch who
will get a kick out of being different.

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