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Sun, 15 Dec 1996 13:27:30 -0700

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> This drug's main effect is to boost short term memory. This is a vast
> enhancement in safety, compared to blasting one's senses.

That statement does not fit the definition of "safety". We are talking
about harm here and pot does not harm.

>Some in U.S. are
> considering [if not *is*] keeping track of a new subform of "Driving
> under the influence"--influence of marijuana, *not* alcohol. In the
> U.S., this is actually becoming a measurable cause of auto accidents.

Where did you get that statistic? How can *you* tell when someone
is high on just marijuana? If you know of a way, then you should tell
the police since they haven't found any way to tell without taking a
person in for a drug test (and they can only do that if there has been
an accident and not just for routine ticket giving).

> This drug has a safety factor of 2000. This has been verified by failed
> suicide attempts--actually, the overdoses attempted have been ten times
> this, in some cases. [Of course, sufficient vomiting might unbalance the
> electrolytes enough, but these cases were not *that* persistent.]

Pot has been tested in the labortory and it has been confirmed that
there is no level of THC that will cause death.