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Mon, 16 Dec 1996 00:20:22 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 15 Dec 1996, XYZ Customer Support wrote:

> > From:
> > This drug's main effect is to boost short term memory. This is a vast
> > enhancement in safety, compared to blasting one's senses.
> That statement does not fit the definition of "safety". We are talking
> about harm here and pot does not harm.

"Pot" *does* harm the user *immediately*. That is part of the definition
of all hallucinogens. You only have a chance for a case in "long-term"

> >Some in U.S. are
> > considering [if not *is*] keeping track of a new subform of "Driving
> > under the influence"--influence of marijuana, *not* alcohol. In the
> > U.S., this is actually becoming a measurable cause of auto accidents.
> Where did you get that statistic? How can *you* tell when someone
> is high on just marijuana? If you know of a way, then you should tell
> the police since they haven't found any way to tell without taking a
> person in for a drug test (and they can only do that if there has been
> an accident and not just for routine ticket giving).

1st) You can trace the exact issue of the KC Star, 1994-present.

2nd) This is documented as of the early 1980's. Whether it's common
knowledge is another story.... Complicated tools are not required in
extreme cases, just as for alcohol. A few hours in a large public
library should suffice.


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