Re: virus: Pot

Dave Pape (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 21:38:20 GMT

At 09:48 18/12/96 GMT, Richard wrote:

>> If that's your intake, I'm surprised you can even remember the rules.
>Sorry to disappoint you, man, but I gave up smoking pot about a year and
>a hlaf ago, 'cos it fucked my short term memory, which wasn't all that
>helpful, considering I had exams coming up :)

>> How
>> about learning to skin up so accurately that you can use your spliffs as
>> timing devices? Looks good at athletic meetings; the guy by the 100m's got
>> this dinky little one-skin effort, and the geezer timing the marathon looks
>> like he's playing an alpenhorn.
>That's a fucking excellent idea, the only drawback (pun intended!) is that
>the timer would see the runners coming and think "Fuck it, man, lets have
>another joint..."

The self-control inherent in the system would mean that the timers became
greater heros than the athletes. And what about the speaking clock? "At the
third toke, the time will be three... o'clock... ish..."

The memetic equivalent of a G3 bullpup-design assault rifle blowing a full
clip at my opponent.

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