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Wed, 18 Dec 1996 18:55:48 -0500 (EST)

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>What the heck happened to Virus' Reply-To header?
>> Human beings are evolved to be desperate to know how things work, in an
>> environment in which their make-up denies them this knowledge, and in which
>> how things work is unknowable. Done. Understood. And I'm NOT going to stop
>> trying to find out how things work, because I'm a human being, and am a
>> product of evolution towards a desire to find out how things work. I LIKE
>Oh, as long as you understand that you do so because you /like/ to,
>because you want to and not to reveal some eternal truth but only to
>satisfy your personal desires then you and I'll be in harmonic
>resonance in lifestyle. :) Such an attitude makes a distinct lack of
>progress more palatable, I find, as well. :)

Techy memetic slacker? Join my club! In a way I wish I could chill out
sometimes, rather than sitting up till 3am with my mailing list postings,
but I'm driven...

And how COULD it be anything but a drive, a hobby, when I no longer have
much faith that the Truth is KNOWABLE?

The crazy thing is, I just found out that my dad has such a similar world
view, even though we never really talked about it that much... I guess I saw
his pop-science books kicking around when I was younger, but I got this
silly headrush where I was thinking "woah, we're genetically programmed to
have the same world view!"

The memetic equivalent of a G3 bullpup-design assault rifle blowing a full
clip at my opponent.

-Alex Williams

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