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> Alex Williams <> wrote:
> > > Without education, prejudices flourish, and violence increases. This is
> > > the beginning of Anarchy and Chaos. Maybe that's desireable, but it
> > > not be attained in this way.
> >
> > Just to point out, WITH education prejudice and violence flourish
> > ... if the teachers are paid by the KKK or Nazi party.
> In our ideal state, which is what we're thinking about, there would
> be no such negative influences on the education system, 'cos it
> would not be sustained by the people.

I suppose that would depend on the `ideal government,' wouldn't it?
One based on that of NSDAP Germany might be /ideal/, in the sense that
its entirely harmonic, but still have considerable inherent traits
which we might consider negative. One based on the glory of ancient
Rome might not /possess/ slaves, but feel nothing wrong with taking
them, theoretically. Again, a commonly-held (in our culture) negative
trait not incompatible with the `ideal' society.