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Fri, 20 Dec 1996 17:23:35 -0700

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> > But how come they never ever leave evidence?
> There is evidence. You've seen them. It's imprinted in your memory,
> all those little neurons have set themselves firing in the correct way,
> and it's there inside your head. That's evidence, and damn convincing
> evidence as far as you're concerned, also.

Wrong. Your fantasy is not a reflection of reality. I've still not seen any
aleins and neither have you. It is just your fantasy. Let's not get
carried away with speculation that has turned into fantasy, OK?

> > Not even a footprint?

> They don't weigh much, OK?

Even mice leave footprints.

>The point is, though, that a lethal dose does still exist.

The real point is that no one in existence could absord
a "lethal" dose. Keep looking though...maybe those aleins
in your imagainary ship can help us here?

> > That isn't pot...that is old age?

> Ha, I'll bet I'm younger than you.

OK, Mr ESP. I'll take you up on that bet.
Now, since you are so sure that you are so right,
go ahead and tell everyone here, how old I am. You
know, without having asked me, just how old I am
so you could make the logical conclusion that your
age is lower than mine. So tell me how old I am.

If you can't do that, then everyone will know that you are
just a bluffer. You make things up. You don't know how
to think logically. In short, you might be a dumb
"whipper-snapper". Hehehe