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Fri, 20 Dec 1996 17:32:26 -0700

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> Whereas, if you're high on pot, there is an increased probability,
> compared to all other road users, that you're going to have an accident.

*Exactly* how much of an increase? Are you guessing again, or do you
actually have that statistic? You haven't even come up with any evidence
that pot affects a persons driving in a detrimental way. All you have is
your one lonely experience....a very lonely experience.

> > > My logic concludes no such thing. It concludes that if one person has
> > > had a crash due to being on cannabis, then there must be others, as it
> > > is extremely unlikely that they are a one off.

Poor logical reasoning abilities here. Inductive reasoning does not assume
that there must be other "examples to back me somewhere". That is reaching
a conclusion before gathering the facts. A very backwards way of thinking.
You can't assume by blind faith that there "must" be other
must demonstrate that there are other examples and that you are not
just wishfully thinking.

...Rest of make-believe bullshitting snipped...