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Mon, 23 Dec 1996 18:38:07 -0700

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> > > Whereas, if you're high on pot, there is an increased probability,
> > > compared to all other road users, that you're going to have an accident.

> > *Exactly* how much of an increase?

> I don't know.

I rest my case.

> > Are you guessing again, or do you
> > actually have that statistic?

His answer: No!

> > You haven't even come up with any evidence
> > that pot affects a persons driving in a detrimental way.

> And you havn't offered any evidence to prove that being stoned is a
> safe condition to drive it. You've merely stated it again and again and
> again, and I'll disagree with you every time until you give /me/ evidence.

Translation: Jonesr can never come up with any evidence. I have always
stated mine.

> > All you have is
> > your one lonely experience....a very lonely experience.

> Again, I'm sorry not to live up to your expectations, but I've never
> personally experienced it, it was a friend of mine.

But it doesn't change a thing. It is still one very lonely