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Mon, 23 Dec 1996 18:44:41 -0700

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> > Wrong. Your fantasy is not a reflection of reality.

> Now you're twisting words. We're (or at least, I am) merely using this
> as an example to illustrate how one person can be convinced of something's
> truth, without having evidence that can be shown to other people.
> We're moving off the topic of pot a bit here though aren't we?

Yes you are.

> > I've still not seen any aleins and neither have you.

> That's your opinion only. You can never know whether I've met an alien or not.

Yes I can : evidence! Lack of evidence is proof that is was wishful thinking.
Your experience means nothing unless it can be validated which it cannot.
If it cannot be validated, that is proof that you were dreaming.

> > Even mice leave footprints.

> Not in dry concrete they don't!

Yes they do! The dust on their feet and the dust on the concrete
does leave footprints.

> > > Ha, I'll bet I'm younger than you.

> I'm not going to put a fix on your age for 3 very important reasons. They
> are as follows:

Backing down so quickly? I knew you wouldn't come through.

...excuses deleted...

> Mentally?

Physically stupid.

> > If you can't do that, then everyone will know that you are
> > just a bluffer.

> And you're not?

And I just proved that...

> > You make things up.

> > You don't know how
> > to think logically.

> But learning is all about how to think literally and laterally, isn't it?
> That's what I'm here to do, and if you've got a problem with that, then I
> suggest that you might be better off unsubscribing from this list.

How would that help you think more logically?

> So how old are you, then?

I thought you said you knew?