Re: virus: crap fom XYZ
Tue, 24 Dec 96 09:43:12 GMT

I think that xyz should stop making any comments about pot smoking as he clearly does not know what he is talking about.

This whole idea that we have going at the moment is based on people conversing through mail. People send these mails for a multitude of reasons. One of these reasons is that so they can receive mail back from people they have contacted and have an interesting time reading all of their well thought out views and thinking over them ourselves.
Then we come to the case of XYZ who does not create such mail but spur of the moment opiniated drivel (if you are from the US XYZ that means a complete bag of shit). Every morning i have to wake up and read all of XYZ's crap and is does not give the oppurtunity to think over other peoples ideas. Jonesr has made some effort in trying to get through to XYZ but sadly to not much avail as XYZ will always stand his ground (even though it may be slightly swampy muddy ground). We do this mail because we want to learn new ideas about the world we live in. I personally do not want to waste my time reading crap from XYZ afer all you would not walk up to a juke box, put in money and then select a song you thought was crap would you .

If any else has similar ideas about what XYZ has to say can they please let it be known to everyone else as it appears myself and Jonesr are the only people willing to stand up against him.

The new force in virus
Neil Middleton