RE: virus: Real People

Vicki Rosenzweig (
Tue, 24 Dec 96 09:16:00 PST


I don't mean to make trouble, but there's no way of
being sure that most of us are using our "real names" (meaning,
I suppose, the names our parents gave us, or the ones we use
at our schools or jobs, or some such thing). Someone who
wanted anonymity could sign on as "Pat Wilson" and we'd have
no way of knowing that s/he was really named something else.
For that matter, I have a friend who is legally changing his name
to "Scraps" as soon as he has the money: if he joined us here,
would you be unable to take his comments seriously?

From: owner-virus
To: virus
Subject: virus: Real People
Date: Tuesday, December 24, 1996 5:39AM

I have a humble request to make :-

Would people use their real names on this list.
It's impossible to take pseudonyms seriously.

Hakeeb A. Nandalal