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Lior Golgher (
Tue, 24 Dec 1996 17:54:27 -0800

Matthew wrote:
I'm new to the virus list but after reading digest V1 #119, I wanted
to jump in to the fray.
Welcome to the Church of Virus List.

Simplistically speaking, it goes something like this. Rather than a hierarchy, you have a holarchy, in which individuals holons on one level eventually form together to transcend their limits.

What limits?

It comes from his book Sex, Ecology, and Sprituality where he also outlines the four quadrants - interior-individual, interior-collective, exterior-individual, and exterior-collective.

Please describe each of those quadrants. Do you mean like
exterior=visible, interior=mental? If so, then what you describe as "the
monologicial gaze of the exterior has induced a state of flatland that
has ignored the value of the interior.  I mention this because I saw
some postings that seemed to assert a flatland
view, which, although rational, isn't inducive to true skeptical inquiry
of everything seen and unseen." is an always-true argument which does
not say anything about the properties of non-flatland-view.

As an omega point theorist myself, I believe that the omega point is the coming together of all the multiverses into one true universe.

Please explain layman me what's 'omega point', what's 'true universe'
and what's 'multiverses' according to your view.

This of course is a philosophical pseduo-scientific view, I know.

Nothing wrong with philosophy. Using general undefined concepts to
describe an ultimate state of transcendence is a typical mystical
attitude, not a philosophic nor a scientific one. 

So if this end point of consciousness is one vast vessel, it will have to an energy field that unifies all the paradoxical memes. In the involution of consciousness, we are only at the stage where the field of energy exerted by the human mind can contain memes. But as consciousness continues it's involution, things are going to get a lot more ethereal and we will reach a stage where individual entities are only distinguished by their collection of memes. In fact, all you know about my existence, other than tracking down my rough geographical location from my e-mail address, is this poorly summarization of a few memes that I have inadequately explained given the constraints of time before I have to leave my home. Most people desire to be acknowledged and understood for their true selves, beyond all symbols and phsycial appearances. Perhaps that won't be truelly possible until that is what we are, selves composed of nothing but that. And then those borders will give way.

Please clarify yourself, before you let me classify you as a
mystificator and discard your very first post.
Not that there's anything wrong with being ignored... :)