Re: virus: The Root of All Unhappiness Lies in Yourself.

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Tue, 24 Dec 1996 17:54:22 -0800

Kevin Miller wrote:
Unhappiness, pain, love. For me, the three are inermixed - a gumbo of
emotions, with one infused into the other. Their spices dilute to such
point that I cannot distinguish between one and the other.
I am the cursed, the belittled, the damned. Damned to what? To
where? Why must I hurt, so much like the great King Oedipus in
tragic plot? Am I merely that: a fictional character drawn upon the
with a quill, and brought to life from a poet's grammar?
Omit that poetic 'merely'. The only way to be absolutely certain of
what's real is to sell yourself poor fairy-tales without doubting them.
Nothing is certain, there are only assumptions. 

You can control your destiny with your own perception of your future and your god with your own perception of what is right and what is wrong. Religion fails at this point: a clear-cut division between right and wrong, good and evil, is in itself immoral.

Please describe\define your moral codes and your view of ethics in

It is unnatural for an individual to have to think like another (especially when that other is a god, who one cannot see and cannot exist in any of the 5 senses).

No religion asks you to think like its God. In religions where the God
is utterly metaphysical [and Christianity is NOT such a religion], you
are not supposed to be able to deduce *any* characteristic of God,
including its thoughts. The existence of such metaphysical Gods is used
only as a source for the the tenets of its religions. <Am I somehow

A state of moral anarchy is the only way (although, the RIGHT way is subjective and purely argumentative) that the moraes of the indiual can exist.

The morales of the individual always exist. Since there is no "general"
mind, there cannot be a "general" moral. There are only conventions,
which works on mass reactions of individuals.  Memetics explain this
section preety well.
Anarchy is the ultimate materialization of the intention 'the benefit of
oneself as an individual'. It can survive and exceed all other regimes
only when the intention 'The benefit of oneself as a part of society' is
fully settled. What the hell is 'moral anarchy'?

Laws are based on the general morales, yet laws cannot impose upon the morales of any individual without being wrong.

Laws are based on general intentions rather than general morales (which
does not exist as mentioned above). Therefore they have no intention to
make you think one way or another, only to restrict your freedom
according to the benefit of the rest. Imposing alien morales\values upon
a pupil is what various national education systems try to do.

If a system is .00001% wrong, it is onehundred percent wrong.

??? Please clarify that sweeping statement.

- -Kevin Miller (a Junior in High School, in case you were wondering)

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