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Tue, 24 Dec 1996 14:46:48 -0500

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Ken Pantheists wrote:
> If you are asking if memetics can be applied to itself, of course-- we
> had a whole discussion of that in the Meta-meme thread. But that line of
> thought can only be useful to a certain point because it leads to a huge
> abstraction. If you say memes are about thoughts, then what is the
> thought that contains memes-- it's like asking What contains the
> universe?

Actually, you might want to look at the way Computer Science tackled and
still tackles the problem of `rooting' object hierarchies in OOP
programming. One technique (not my favoured), is to simply arbitrarily
declare two `res,' Object and Class, the top of the hierarchy. Class is
the immediate parent of the Object object.

Preferentially in my eyes is the technique of simply /not rooting it/.
Objects inherit from other objects or they don't; they are
self-defining. Just as memes about memes are /not/ really Meta-memes,
they're just memes whose object of reference is another meme. In a
linguistic sense they /are/ metamemes, but only in name, they needn't
have special properties just because of their reference.

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