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Tue, 24 Dec 1996 17:48:56 -0700

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> I'd like everyone on the list to note at this point that XYZ is now freely
> admitting that none of what (s)he says is necessarily true, and that we might
> just as well ignore anything (s)he posts.

Once again, jonesr, you are confusing ignorance with science. Science
doesn't ignore or disregard. People like you do that.

> Do you not feel the urge to enlighten me then? As I have mentioned before, I
> want to learn things by being on this list. IF people such as yourself are
> going to be that unhelpful, then I don't see why we should even have this
> discussion.

I have enlightened you, but you just don't seem to understand much.

The point is that pot is harmless. Look at the numeruous referenceces listed
in "A Primer of Drug Action" instead of your closed-minded, ignorant, and
hearsay method. You have done no research on the matter, yet you honestly
believe that you are enlightned. You don't have knowledge on the matter, you
have blind-faith. Your ridiculous example of one and only one individual who
had an accident supposedly due to pot, which you never confirmed but blindly
accepted by blind-faith, is proof of your lack of ability in distinguishing
reality from fantasy. Wake up jonesr!