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Tue, 24 Dec 1996 17:54:55 -0700

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> > > > > > What is unpure pot?

> > > > First it was "meme speak", now it is "pot speak"? Do you always
> > > > make up terms in order to try and win a discussion?

> > > I think that you might find that this point above has absolutely nothing
> > > in my favour WRT winning this argument. It is just a by-the-by point that
> > > I made, and which appers to have confused you. And on top of that, I
> > > didn't make up any of the terms used above. Which ones are you refering to?

> > What is unpure pot?

> There is a drug called cannabis (aka marijuana, pot, dope, ganja, etc...),
> and sometimes it comes in a solid form. This is known as "resin", as it
> is the resin secreted by the female parts of a Cannabis plant, and it is
> rich in THCs. Unfortunately, this solid burns, but will not stay alight
> if left burning. Therefore, it is [pretty much] impossible to roll
> a "joint" with just resin.

The resin is never referred to as "pot". That is what we have
been talking about here for the last two weeks. Get with the program!

> Therefore, it becomes necessary to use a
> substance that will burn, and keep the resin burning. An easy substance to
> use here is tobacco. Therefore, a joint contains tobacco and resin. Hence,
> the joing is not "pure" pot, it is "unpure" pot. It is a term that I've
> been using for years, and I don't see why it has confused you so.

A joint never refers to tobacco and resin. This is what I mean by making things
up. We never were talking about resin but it is nice of you to finally tell people
what it is that you were talking about. Resin isn't pot. Period. Maybe you
are referring to hash? And the resin is smoked all by itself from a bowl.

> > This whole entire thread was about pot (ie -- the effects
> > of THC) and you just threw in this thing about adding nicotine at random.
> > "Unpure pot" is not street talk nor slang. It is made up, hence "pot speak".

> All language is made up, XYZ. It just depends how long ago, I guess.

Yes, but at least everyone else is using the same made-up language instead
of "jonesr speak" ( which only jonesr seems to understand)