Re: virus: Definition of meme (from alt.memetics)

Wade T.Smith (
Thu, 2 Jan 97 11:38:24 -0500

>> Well, no kidding. Why do you suppose I'm trying to nail down a
>> working definition of "meme"? Do you think it is impossible? Should
>> we just give up now?
>It very well /may/ be impossible.

But that would pretty well seal the debate about memetics being a
science, wouldn't it?

I actually woke up this morning with a kernel of a scintilla of an idea
about what a meme may actually be, all to do with the actual
electro-chemical formation of memory, a new and recently augmented
neurobiochemical study, and fascinating.

I am a long way from even finding a nail to hit a head, but I think that
lodging memes specifically within a brain, and more specifically within
the memory process of a brain, and more specifically within the conscious
memory functions, is the way to go.

Yes, this means I think there are no memes in dreams.

Is that a heresy?

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