virus: Big Beautiful Brains Needed

David de Void (
Tue, 28 Aug 1956 02:32:54 +0000

Hi Virions,

This is Homo Deus again. David McF was nice enough to set
up a mailing list for my religion, Zero. The following is
a blatant attempt to get you to subscribe to the list.

=-= Promotion Mode On =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
This is a call to all men and women who want to explore the
world of Magick, Zen and Science.

Zero, the religion dedicated to upholding the idea that Man
is God, has a need of your talent. The Zero Mailing List
has been created to offer a gathering place for the discussion
and exploration of these areas. If you have talent in the areas
of Magick, Art, Science, Philosophy, or Mathematics, we urge
you to join the Zero Mailing List today. Come discover and
contribute new ideas.

To join the Zero Mailing List, please send an e-mail message
to with "subscribe zero" as the text.

To check out the Zero web site for yourself, follow this URL:
=-= Promotion Mode Off =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Hope to hear from you soon.

David de Void
Homo Deus  
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