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Alexander Williams (
Fri, 03 Jan 1997 13:12:25 -0500 wrote:
> Surely, though, there has to be the transmission of *all* the information in
> the Universe from where it was originally to the this new universe, up to
> the point at which the quantum event that caused this split occurred. This
> would require time (see: a lot of... ;), and mean that the new universe would
> be a number of millenia behind our own on linear time.

You're looking at it from the wrong PoV. A seperate universe is not
/constructed/, it simply comes into being. Where there was one, there
is now two, with all the same quantum states within as the lineal
antecedent /except/ for the quantum collapse that caused the split.
There's no transmission. Its as though you saw someone step away from
where they were standing, leaving a ghost image behind. Except the
ghost is just as real and there is no step.

Its just this sort of logical (or illogical) statement of fact that gets
the MWH model looked at as the product of a whacko looney-tunes nutcase.
I'm tempted to agree. :)

> How is it decided whereabouts outside our universe the new one is to form?
> I'm imagnining our universe as being like a balloon, and the "nothingness"
> outside it as being a /very/ large hall, or somesuch. Do other universes
> (according to this theory) just appear as such a model, or are they maybe
> put back to back, each changing shape to accommodate the other. And if this
> is the case, can there be travel between universes? If not, why not?

Think of it more like the branching diagram I pointed out earlier.
There is no space to `branch out into' because there is nothing
/between/ universi. Its simply where there was one, now there's a
multiplicity. It resembles the spreading front wave of light-cones in
astrophysics, if you could actually stand `outside' the thicket and
watch it expand forward. Of course you /can't/, since there /is/ no
`outside the thicket.'

Technically, the theory doesn't allow for travel between universi
because they differ on history not state. There's no way you can change
your quantum history so that you `experience' the events of the other
universi. Technically, there's a copy of you already there that /did/,
you see.

> I realise the questions above are really really difficult to answer, but
> I thought I'd ask anyhow :)

I can make up crazy answers just as well as any QM engineer. :)

> I am only aware of 4 !!! I know there are theories about there being as
> many as 30+ dimensions. Does anyone know what they are?

One theory that was in vogue postulated 32 seperate dimensions, most of
which were `tightly curled up' alongside the other four. You'd be best
served checking out books on superstring and superloop theory for the
dirty details.

> But do you as an individual put energy into time travel? We all travel through
> time, just in one direction and at a [subjective idea] constant speed. As far as
> I'm aware, you have no choice but to travel through time.

We're all falling down the time-well, as it were, but if I put
significant energy into going reallyreally fast and approach light
speed, my /personal/ travel through time becomes skewed. From my frame
of reference, time outside seems to slow. (Of course, from outside,
/my/ time seems to slow. Don't think about it too hard.)

> Presumably they happen at a minute level, and thus there are millions/billions
> ocurring avery second, throughout the universe.


> > Actually, energy /can/ be borrowed from the sub-quantum `froth'
> > according to the latest theories.
> OOh, that's new, tell me more ....

More superloop theory.

> > The shorter the amount of time its
> > borrowed, the more you can have.
> I suppose that could make sense :)

So for infinitely smll periods of time I can have infinitely large
amounts of energy. From nowhere.

> I heard a theory (and I think I posted this once before) that matter and
> energy spontaneously ocurr when the only thing present is absolute
> "Nothing".

According to superloop theory, reality's made up of quintillions of
32-dimensional loops which vibrate at various rates along their length.
This `froth' of vibrating loops makes up the fabric of spacetime.
Because the loops interact in something akin to Brownian Motion, its
quite possible to have matter and energy arise spontaneously through a
random harmony of local loops.

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