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Alexander Williams (
Fri, 03 Jan 1997 13:17:14 -0500 wrote:
> Erm, I'm really confused. None of the stuff that you included was from me
> (Drakir) it was from David McF I believe.

At this point things get muddled ... :)

> It's quite an interesting idea, and I believe this is where we've been
> slipping up. I was saying that if we are in a real world, plugged into
> a virtual world, then existed in such a state from such a young age, and
> for such a lenght of time, then discovered it was false, the memespheres
> of most individuals would be damaged.

I'd say `changed.' You can't really `damage' a memesphere you can just
radically change its contents.

> I accept that if we *ourselves* are entirely virtual (what a waste :) then
> finding out that we were created by technology, then there would be very
> little difference to memespheres, because it is *our* world, and we must
> make the best of it. It would be little different to the idea of "God" as
> a creator anyhow, wouldn't it?

Clarke's Law.

The parallel between virtuality and religion is something I've been
pointing out all along.

> What is it? Can it be found on the net?

Tierra is an ALife environment in which strings of code reproduce, breed
and die within a simulated environment. The latest work on Tierra has
been in creating `virtual links' so that Tierrans from one machine can
migrate to others to compete and spread their genetic code. Tierra's
always been available on the Net; it should be easy to find scads of
references to it.

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