Re: virus: Re:virtuality
Mon, 6 Jan 97 11:11:24 GMT

From: Alexander Williams <>
> wrote:
> > I accept that if we *ourselves* are entirely virtual (what a waste :) then
> > finding out that we were created by technology, then there would be very
> > little difference to memespheres, because it is *our* world, and we must
> > make the best of it. It would be little different to the idea of "God" as
> > a creator anyhow, wouldn't it?
> Clarke's Law.
> The parallel between virtuality and religion is something I've been
> pointing out all along.

How do you mean, "the parallel"?

As far as I see it, religion looks at the world, and says there has to to be
a "god". They then spend their lives looking forward to the time when they
die, so they they can move onto a higher plane. Virtuality says that the
world isn't real, and that when you "die" you move back to the real world.
Is this the kind of parallel you were refering to?

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