Re: virus: Re:virtuality
Mon, 6 Jan 97 11:28:25 GMT

Alex Williams wrote:

> Its been speculated that reality is, at the base, a very simple cellular
> automata with a set number of states and transition rules.

Kind of like the way binary is the root of all computer "reality"?

> > So they could never invade and take over a computer network?
> Not unless you built an environment that emulated the network
> environment itself and bred organisms within it.

I heard recently that someone had designed a computer organism which was
supposed to be capable of infecting the Net like a virus, but not actually
doing any harm, all it did was exist, if you like. I think it was prevented,
but I'm not even sure of the validity of the story. Could a programme be
written to invade the net, and use it like it's own little planet?

> If you can write
> emulations of multi-platform network environments, why're you wasting
> your time yapping with us instead of out there making big bucks? :)

How do you know I'm not?

As it happens, I'm not, 'cos I wouldn't have a clue how to begin, but
I can dream ;)

Richard Jones "We are the New Breed We are the Future."