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Tony (
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 02:07:17 -0500

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>On Wed, 25 Dec 1996, Schneider John wrote:
>> Flaps asks:
>> > Is there any way we can tell if the world we live in is not an
>> > artificial world impregnated into our brain thinking in our real
>> > body somewhere far away?
>> >
>> > How do we know if everything we are living through is artificial?

hi, the new kid on the block...

and, no, I dont think that there is any way we can tell if we live in an
artificial world simply because if we do, our brain has accepted this as the
only reality it has and therefore would protect it heavily. Although, I
think that if this were an artificial reality, there would be far less
limitations on us as far as physical laws go.